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  is a startup footwear company that specializes in height adjustable heels. Our heels are every bit a stylish pair of footwear but, unlike conventional heels, bring convenience, flexibility and practicality to the everyday woman.


The benefits are numerous, but most importantly, they enhance the feminine aspects of a female's gait and effortlessly elongate the legs, making them appear leaner and toner. However, these benefits have historically come with a price. Having personally experienced wearing high heels for years, we have developed a love-hate relationship with them due to the sharp pains, aches and cramps. But why does it have to be this way? Learning and understanding about the consequences of wearing high heels for too long, we discovered that it can cause long term damage such as hammer toes, bunions and irreversible damage to leg tendons.


This motivated us to change the conventional heel.


Women should not have to suffer simply to look and feel amazing! For years, working women have often been seen lugging an extra bag to the office just for another pair of shoes, switching from flats to heels and vice versa, and women on their nights out on the town have been seen walking around barefoot after a night of partying. With our heels, all of this would become a distant memory. We have the answer – our adjustable-height heels.


These heights were deliberately chosen pursuant to the results of an online poll of over 10,000 females, which found that these were the most comfortable and practical heel heights for walking.


Our heels' upper and insoles are made from Napa leather, which is known for its luxurious feel, softness and durability. It is also water vapour permeable which enables excellent heat exchange. We only use Napa leather made from lambskin and sheepskin. Further, to give our heels extra comfort, ergonomic air injected foam is inserted to provide additional cushioning underneath the balls of the feet and through the heels' arch, hence negating the need to purchase additional gel or silicone padding for your heels.



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