How do GENA heels work?

GENA heels are specially designed to be easily adjustable anytime, anywhere. Flicking from high to low can be done in a matter of seconds, giving your feet a break whenever needed.

The mechanism works as follows:

1. Press on a small non-protruding button located on the side of the outsole.
2. The catch will release.
3. Pull the heel downwards to detach.
4. Tuck the heel under the outsole.

There will be a click indicating that it is secured.

What type of leather is used in GENA heels?

The upper and insoles of GENA heels are made from Napa leather, which is known for its luxurious feel, softness and durability. It is also water vapour permeable which enables excellent heat exchange. We only use Napa leather made from lambskin and sheepskin.

What are the two heel heights that GENA heels can switch between?

9cm (high) and 2cm (low).

We included a shorter heel (as opposed to having it completely flat) as research has shown that a slight inclination is good for the arch of the feet.

Can the top lifts in GENA heels be replaced?

Yes, the shorter top lifts can be easily replaced using a pair of pliers. We give a free pair of top lifts for the shorter heel with every pair of GENA heels, as the design for such top lifts is unique to GENA heels. Additional pairs of top lifts may be purchased directly from us.

The top lifts for the higher heels are universal and may be purchased from cobblers, shoe stores and the like.

Will you be bringing in smaller, larger and half sizes?

We are working towards expanding the available sizes and hope that this can be done in the near future. Stay tuned!

Will GENA be introducing a collection for wider feet?

Absolutely! We have received many requests for such a collection and are working hard on making it a reality. As always, stay tuned!

What is your return policy?

You may exchange a defective item which was purchased at regular price for a replacement of the same type within 14 days from date of purchase. We do not offer refunds.

Please see "Return policy" for more details.